Yeah.. I know I need to work on these images

Please note: this post is not intended to diminish the Docker team’s work to promote the usage of containers in modernizing application deployments. Instead, highlight alternative strategies that can be used. Docker is still a viable solution for many.

A while ago, the Kubernetes (K8s) team removed parts of Docker…

One of the best offerings from Microsoft for DevOps teams at the moment is the Azure DevOps service. At the moment, Azure DevOps provides some services for free that are beneficial to onboard DevOps into workflows. Essentially, Azure DevOps is a collection of other tools used in the DevOps community.


Due to some changes in my schedule and re-designing the network lab, we will be taking a break from the Kubernetes setup this week. In the meantime, this post will go over how to set up a source-to-image (S2I) workflow using our single virtualization node.

The first time I…

In this post, we will set up a Kubernetes cluster to start tinkering with. In addition to the Kubernetes cluster, we will add FreeIPA and Keycloak to handle IAM services and help with future application development. The added benefit of using FreeIPA is the centralized login services through LDAP/Kerberos and…

Salim Haniff

Founder of Factory 127, an Industry 4.0 company. Specializing in cloud, coding and circuits.

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